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Geothermal Pools Bridge

The extreme geothermal activity in Rotorua implies there is no absence of hot water pools. The common hot springs amalgamate with cold streams or rivers making the perfect temperature to swim or bathe in. Also, you can even bathe serenely on a cold day, which makes Rotorua an extraordinary spot to look at amid New Zealand’s winter.

Hells Gate Mud Pools

Treat yourself to a 1-hour therapeutic mud bath as well as sulfur spa package at Hells Gate Geothermal Park. Situated in among the Rotorua’s most dynamic geothermal zones, Hells Gate highlights mud shower treatments that leave your body revived and skin smooth.


Hidden in pleasant private farmland close to the small town of Matamata in the North Island’s Waikato region is the Hobbiton Movie Set, which attracts visitors from around the globe for guided Hobbiton visits to see the renowned Hobbit holes, alongside the Mill and The Green Dragon and different sights you’ll identify from the movies.

Kayaking on the Lake

Come and find the furious magnificence of Rotorua well-known for its geothermal activity, experience sports and rich Maori culture. Rotorua Kayaking is an exciting adventure activity and might be anything from comfortable paddling and exploring sparkling lakes to extraordinary white water kayaking. Travel around the unspoken excellence of Rotorua’s numerous rivers, coastlines, and lakes by kayaking.

Lake Tarewera

Tarewera is a lake which is popular for Fishing and water sports. This place is also meant for campaign as there are many hot water beaches. In the southern section of lake you will find hot water. This lake will give you a very beautiful scenery view and you can click many fascinating pictures here.

Mt Ruapehu Summer Hiking

Mt Ruapehu is the largest volcano located in New Zealand and it has three major peaks which are Paratetaitonga, Tahurangi and Te Heuheu. The glaciers are the only glacier in the entire North Island. There are total eighteen glaciers including the crater. There are many activities conducted such as summer hiking that attracts a number of tourists.

Kerosene Creek Hot Pool

It is a tourist attraction point in Waiotapu which is on the lapse of New Zealand. The place is surrounded by greenery as the pool is placed in the mid of dense forest. The pool will give you natural hot spring with a waterfall. It is most popular among the locals and visitors for natural bathing experience.

Living Maori Village Sign

This will give you a different experience as you will able to explore a living Maori Village Sign that is at landscape erupted with geothermal activity. Here, you will gain more knowledge about the lifestyles and tradition of the people of Tuhourangi/Ngati Wahiao. So, give yourself  authentic experience in Rotorua.

Mountain Bike Trail

Rotorua is the famously known amongst the mountain bikers as it is a premier destination for riding.  The biking is done at one of the oldest mountain in the country with master crafted trails, draining volcanic soils, unbeatable riding surface, and fantastic destination and varying topography. From beginners or trained bikers it is one stop for extreme action.

Rotorua and Lake

Rotorua has insanely astonishing 18 lakes and with that it has three rivers. It is basically an experience between the nature on the lands of Rotorua. Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake in the North Island. The lake is the mixture of rivers and streams such as Utuhina flows the water at a temperature warmer than the lake due to thermal activity performed in Rotorua area.

Rainbow Springs Trout

Rainbow Spring will give you an ultimate fun day by giving you opportunity to come close with all the wonderful fishes, bugs, birds and many more in Rotorua. There you will get to know about nature and wildlife. Guides will be provided to you who will give you right information and direction in the trip of wildlife.

Whakarewarewa Forest

The forest will give you chance of walking, horse riding and biking between the redwood forest. There are varieties of outdoor recreation that you can grab and enjoy the panoramic views, range of tree species, lakes, and thermal areas. Whakarewarewa Forest is the finest natural asset  and the treasure of the city.

Rotorua Hot Spring

Rotorua region’s thermal water has been determined since 19th century. The visitor’s bath in the warm pool located at the edge of Lake Rotorua. From private pools to hot springs each is filled with geothermal waters. By bathing in hot water you will able to heal many thing such as rheumatism, sexual impotence and arthritis.

Tarawera Hiking Trail

Here, you can take a walk around the lake Tarawera to the renowned Te Rata Bay. You will get a chance to spend quality time with your family and friends doing picnic and a lot of other fun stuffs. Many cultural and traditional stories will make you realize the beauty of the place.

Waitomo Caves

The place Waitomo is renowned for its underground cave system which is situated on the North Island of New Zealand. It throws the glorious effect occurred by thousands of glow-worms. The cave features limestone formation and waterfalls. Waitomo Caves is must to explore for any traveler, become the part of cultural ad natural history by riding on world famous boat under the magical glowworms.

Skyline luge

Skyline luge is a thrilling and fun experience can be performed by all ages people. Over 35 years ago it was invented New Zealand. The tracks are designed with twist, turns and tunnels so that you can thoroughly enjoy the outdoor activity with your friends and family.

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